The Prime Minister made it very clear in his recent announcement (12 Jul 21) that the pandemic is still with us, and we are aware that in Ipswich we are seeing cases rise and some hospitality venues closing due to staff having to isolate.

Whilst most legal restrictions will be removed from Monday, the PM also emphasised that the responsibility sits with all of us to do our best to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Whilst we will try to revert to as “normal” operation in the club as possible, to do our bit we will still have some restrictions in place from next Monday.

* we are asking all customers to continue to check in using Track and Trace – this is the quickest way to help the community and NHS by tracking contacts and cases.

* there are no restrictions on group sizes, but we do ask that furniture is not moved to form very large groups inside. If you wish to move furniture please check with a member of bar staff.

* table service will no longer be a legal requirement and we will be asking people to queue at the bar and simply Ts counter for service. However, please do be aware of others, maintain distance and do not lean over the bar.

* please do not stand at the bar unless waiting to be served.

* we are asking that people please remain seated while drinking inside, and limit movement between tables.

To help prevent the spread of the virus we will continue to clean and sanitise the bar and tables regularly. Our staff may also choose to continue to wear face coverings but we are leaving this decision very much to them.

Please also be aware that due to restrictions easing we will begin to hire out the main bar again. On these occasions members will be able to access the outside seating via the changing room corridors.

All measures will be continually reviewed, including opening hours, and we welcome feedback from our members on measures in place.