1. Membership of the Club is on an annual basis and is subject to renewal 12 months after the initial  start date. A membership card will be issued seven days after the application form is received and  this will be free of charge. However, if a replacement is needed a fee of £5 will be required.  Memberships cards must be carried at all times. 

2. Information regarding the Club including opening times, events, associated sports clubs etc  will be published on social media platforms and the Pauls Sports and Social Club website.   

3. Only members and their guests are allowed access to the Members Bar. 

4. Only those named on the application form are Members of the Club. Children under 18 may only be  admitted if a family membership is purchased. Children using the club as family members must   apply for membership in their own right upon reaching 18 years of age. 

5. Children must be supervised at all times. When accessing the Club, Associated Sports facilities   and grounds, children remain the responsibility of the adults with whom they accompanied. 

6. No disorderly conduct, drunkenness, bad language or offensive behaviour shall be tolerated.   Pauls Sports and Social Club Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission or evict any person who  is in or believed to be in, breach of these rules. 

7. No alcohol may be brought onto the Club premises. Only alcohol purchased from the Club may  be consumed. 

8. With the exception of events and gaming machines managed by the Club, gambling is not   permitted on the club premises. Only members are allowed to use the gaming machines and  Any winnings over £150 will be paid by BACS into a bank account. Should anyone other than a  member play the machines and win, the Club will not pay out any winnings.  Only members are able to participate in the Club Lotto. 

9. No smoking or vaping is allowed with the Club and associated sports buildings. Failure to abide  by this rule may lead to members and guests being asked to leave the premises. 

10. Pauls Sports and Social Club Ltd will not accept any liability for any members or guests losses,   damage to, or theft of, any personal belongings whilst on the Club premises and grounds or any  loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents parked on the premises. 

11. CCTV is installed within the Club and outside for the safety of customers and staff. 12. Only assistance animals will be allowed within the Club buildings and grounds. 

13. The liability of each member is limited to £1, this being the amount that each member undertakes to   contribute to the assets of the Club in the event of it being wound up while they are a member or   within one year after they cease to be a member. 

*Version September 2021